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This App Is Better Than Instagram

Have you ever wondered what the screen time of your phone is, it may range between 6 to 7 hours per day and if you are a Gen Z kid like me it may go up to 9 hours according to this article. Do you know what apps you use daily which contribute to your screen time this much, well I am sure they must be your favorite games, your web browser, and your favorite social media apps like Twitter, TikTok, and of course Instagram.

An average user spends almost 3 to 5 hours daily on social media alone, depending on their age group. In all of this, Instagram counts for 30 minutes of your daily screen time on average which I am sure is even more for a Gen Z kid like me. Instagram is one of the most popular Social Media Apps in the world, having over 2 billion monthly active users, surely restricts a lot of things in its app both on Android and iOS from where the majority of users access it daily. It restricts things like uploading high-quality images or uploading stories that are more than 15 seconds long there is also no direct way to download your own or any other non-restricted content from the app itself, and these are just some of the cases that I can think of, there are some shortcuts or tricks in the app itself that let you surpass some of the limitations but they have their own cons and almost does not work all the time.

Well, here comes Instander. It is a modified and free Instagram app that will let you do everything that you do on Instagram while adding more features and capabilities like uploading high-quality images and downloading content directly from the app itself which are really a small number of things that it can do.

How Does Instander Actually Work?

Instander is Instagram Mod developed by thedise and it is officially available for Android at the movement, there might be some workarounds for getting it on iOS but I do not recommend it as it seems to be Android only. Getting that out of the way the developer calls Instander a beautiful and powerful Instagram mod which it seems so far, Instander only works for devices above Android 9 Pie.

It has 2 versions of the app that are really identical to each other one is the Uncloned version and the other is the Cloned version bother the apps are exactly ditto copies of the original Instagram app but with enhanced capabilities and more features. The main difference between both is their different Android package Name. the Uncloned app uses the same package name as Instagram itself ( and it requires you to uninstall the original Instagram app to work on the other hand the Cloned Instander app has a different package name ( and it does not require you to uninstall Instagram to use it. Both apps are getting constantly updated every couple of months.

What makes Instander different?

Instander comes with a plethora of features some of which are as follows

ADS Free: Instander is a completely free app with no Instagram ads, It could be easily one of the features that you wanted to have on the official Instagram app and now you do on Instander.I totally get it, Ads on Instagram are getting really annoying really quickly. Fun Fact you can also completely disable analytics as well.

Media Downloader: You will be easily able to download media from Instander from any user until they are using a private account in which case you will not be able to see their stuff anyways. It can be really useful for many people and bad for many as well as you could even download copyrighted content as well.

Privacy: If you ever wanted to become Batman well now you can at least on Instagram well the app includes features such as Ghost Mode which let you do things from disabling your typing status in chats to even viewing live streams anonymously and even not marking stories as seen.

High-Quality Media: Last but not least, you can upload stories and even Instagram Posts in much better quality than the default Instagram app, now at least you can post in high quality even though the content might not be that high in quality. Moving on, we have some small features such as uploading stories for more than 15 seconds and even up to 60 seconds and disabling the story flipping as well.


Well so far everything looks good, It's a great app with amazing features but there are many Instagram mods that are almost the same as Instander and can be downloaded easily such as Insta Ultra and Insta Aero, why not simply get them and not Instander they will do 80%–90% what Instander does, well the story is not that simple as it seems while these apps can do what Instander do we simply do not know how well these work or are they ever going to get updated, who made them and so much more. Putting it bluntly we do not have any source code for Instander as well the GitHub page for Instander simply says “Soon there will be the source code of Instander” We simply don’t know where our data goes, but what we do have is a good track record and a good update history of the app and support channels through Email and Telegram which does not ensure anything as such but at least it is better than knowing nothing about the app that you will be using as your Instagram. All this out of the way if you are ready to give Instander a try here are all the links.

Instander Official Home Page

Developer’s GitHub and Twitter

If you liked the article or you have any thoughts about Instander please comment below and do not forget to share :)

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